Grand Island Police Car 1 

Grand Island Man Arrested On Four Felonies

Grand Island Police Car 1 

Back on April 17th, 26 year Christopher Holt, of Grand Island, reported a burglary to his  residence in which cash and shoes  were reported missing.  

Following that report, Holt identified potential suspects and began to attempt to track down those persons, even though an active police investigation was already taking place. 

Three days later Holt allegedly contacted a 16 year old Grand Island male associated with the potential  suspects in the initial burglary complaint, Holt then  allegedly assaulted the 16 year old, and forced him into a vehicle at gun point, taking him back to Holt’s residence against his will. 

The 16 year old was able to escape and ran to a neighboring residence asking for help,  and claiming someone was trying to kill him. The juvenile had visible injuries. A day later Holt was contacted for suspicious activity,  and found to have a concealed handgun in his possession for which he was arrested.  Information from that contact led to enough evidence to arrest Holt with the earlier kidnapping  and threats a day later, even though he was already in custody on the handgun charges. 

That arrest requested charges of Obstruction of a Government Operation, Kidnapping,  Terroristic Threats, Use of a Weapon in the Commission of a Felony, and 3rd Degree Assault.  All charges are felonies with the exception of the misdemeanor assault. 

Portions of this  investigation are still ongoing as it relates to several other criminal matters.  


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